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Organizations today collect vast amounts of data from a variety of sources. Collecting data, however, does not mean that decision makers have the information they need when they want it and in the format it will help them the most. The Data Warehousing technology has evolved to improve information accessibility and assure data quality. Data warehousing focuses in faster information retrieval, in the best format for decision-making and knowledge discovery, while, at the same time, emphasizing data accuracy and consistency.


GNOSIS Data Warehousing Methodology contains a number of tools for the extraction of data from the source applications, the transformation (data cleansing, aggregation / summarization) and the loading and formatting of data. Additional tools are used for DW Administration and exploitation of the stored data that allows the users to perform Analytical Processing and Reporting. Some of the functional areas where data warehousing enables solutions are:

  • Financial analysis and monitoring of key performance indicators,
  • Marketing: competitor analysis, market segmentation, customer data analysis, customer relationship management,
  • Sales network management,
  • Risk management,
  • Fraud identification,
  • Quality Control data exploitation

Gnosis Management provides the following :

  • A long time expertise and a track record of building successful data warehouses,

  • Strong relationships and experience with key technology vendors,

  • Proven methodology for data warehousing and web / client - server applications,

  • A team that works closely with you and builds your staff’s knowledge base.

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GNOSIS Management Ltd. has been founded in order to provide Data & Information Management Services and Business Solutions mainly for the Banking and Insurance Sectors.

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