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The implementation of the Business Strategy and the Decision Making process is mainly depended on the ability of the organization to transform the data into meaningful information. The effective and efficient utilization of the data and the transformation into valuable information, using powerful, state of the art, business intelligence and data discovery tools, as well as, the quality and the accuracy of the information, is of vital importance for of  as efficiency and competitiveness of the business.

GNOSIS Management utilize its extended experience and relative toolsets for the development of Business Intelligence and Decision Making Support applications with the use of state-of-the-art BI  technologies and dynamic Analysis and Reporting platforms (portals, reports, tableau, metrics and scorecards) that simplifies the access to accurate and time related information providing the users with the ability and flexibility to analyze and better understand the business.

Business Intelligence applications support Strategic Management by Monitoring relative Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) providing also the ability to Drilldown into more detail information “Top Down Approach”, providing also the capability to analyze detail information and build the Performance Management of the organization “Bottom Up Approach”,leading to competitive advantages and profitability.

Development of an integrated Business Intelligence System

The development of an integrated Business Intelligence System provides the organization with the following advantages:    

  • Development of a single Information Database, which will serve the organization, as the single source of the truth, as the only point of reference of all reporting and analysis, offering a “common business view”.
  • Timely and accurate information management for better decision making and implementation of strategic actions.
  • Flexibility for the development of management and statistical reports.
  • A dynamic environment for co-operative view and scenario analysis.

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GNOSIS Management Ltd. has been founded in order to provide Data & Information Management Services and Business Solutions mainly for the Banking and Insurance Sectors.

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